some suggestions for usability

May 30, 2011 at 11:22 AM

i tested it, i use it - very usefull tool, THANKS!
But, if You dont mind, i shall offer a few positions to improve:

 -  Login screen: set the focus on a "Password", and open InputPanel 
so I can type only the PSW and OK without other types

 -  FIRST screen after login - "View SMS". Not the "Filters, SMS, Settings" screen - it can be in "menu", or some buttons else :)
and there are the screen with new messages! not the settings or a new filters, that only hint at superfluous opportunities :))

 - "Choose contact":  select it from last input SMS, or last sent address
i can view the history list from the last contact. If not from the last - still need to select the pulldown menu, but I have only one :)

 - if you could offer "Chat" structure for sms list  - it would be great!

    thank in advance!